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Learn the Ministry of Dance!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Tips on Worship Banners, Flags and Streamers

Using Your Flags, Streamers and Banners 

If you feel that God is leading you to a ministry of flags and or banners, never forget that along with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, He also gave you a brain and common sense! Using flags in the church or outside of the church poses some practical issues which you should always keep in mind.

 Flags are only tools that we use to praise the Lord in the dance. Because of the design and makeup of the flag or banner, they are also hazardous implements when being waved around with abandon. Keep safety as your priority and remember that it is your responsibility to avoid other people – not for other people to avoid you. They are assuming that you are in control of your flags! If you want to use your flags or banners with abandon, always ensure that you have enough space to do so. Please do not express the attitude of entitlement. Sometimes we can have an attitude of "I am worshiping God, so if you are in my way then you need to move!" Not so. If the space is too small then put the flag away. There is nothing more distracting than to destroy an atmosphere of reverent worship by having somebody hit you in the face or on the head with their flag! It destroys the unity of fellowship, so please be careful.

Look out for kids!

Children are a special concern as, in many churches; they are allowed to roam freely around the meeting room during worship. Always keep a sharp look out for wandering youngsters (and adults) and adjust your activities accordingly. Remember, the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet (1Cor. 14:32). The principle taught here is God honors order and decency. His Spirit will not violate that...ever. We must be in control of ourselves no matter how heavy we feel God upon us.

Children love to use flags so it is important to have small flags available (if possible) or they will create havoc with big ones. Someone should also be designated to supervise them if there are more than one or two. They need to have a space of their own where they can use their flags without harming themselves or anyone (thing) else.

Respect Leadership

If your church uses overheads instead of hymn books, be careful that you don’t obscure peoples’ view of the projection screen by holding your flag aloft and waving it extravagantly. Most importantly, if you feel lead to worship with flags, before you do so, always discuss it with your minister or pastor beforehand. The basis of Christian life is always to respect and be guided by church leadership. God will not violate that either...ever (Heb. 13:7,17) This obedience is very important for proper committal of a flag ministry.

Use appropriate size flags and respect your praise instruments

Use an appropriate size flag for their height and the space. Shorter people (especially children) need a smaller flag to be able to safely control it. Low ceilings and crowded spaces also require the use of shorter flags. Flags are an instrument of praise that are made to give praise and worship to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. They are made to give GLORY and HONOR to His Name through creative movements of praise. They are also used to minister over people as the Holy Spirit leads. For these reasons, they should always be treated with RESPECT- not idolized or worshiped, but keep your flags neat and in a safe place. These instruments are far from being merely a flag, toy, or object for play or entertainment.

Ministry to the Lord

When using worship instruments we must understand that we are first and foremost ministering to the Lord, an audience of ONE. If you let the Holy Spirit lead, you will enhance the “worship service” and not be a distraction (this is true for a choreographed dance or flag piece as well). He will use you to encourage and inspire the Siants. He will know what is suitable and what you are able to do. Always keep in mind the space limitation at meetings. Be respectful of those around you, and aware of your space. At many conferences, worshipers are dancing with such freedom (which is wonderful), but there is little space for visuals- it’s often impractical. Not everyone that has flags is to minister up front just like not everyone that sings is on the worship team. Understand that there are various “callings” (or specialties) in the arts ministry and with the visuals.

God must do it to you before He does it through you

When accepting the call to minister to God and His people through dance or the use of flags/banners we must first prepare ourselves. The first place to start using your instrument of praise is during your devotional time at HOME with the Lord. In the solitude of your HOME you can learn freedom in your worship-first with your body and then with your instrument of praise. Always begin by asking the Holy Spirit to express worship (I use that word loosely) through your body. Ask Him to guide your movements. Offer to Him your body as a “reasonable service” of worship and allow Him to use you. The worship instruments will become an extension of your heart as you learn to focus on Jesus. Become familiar with your new instrument. Each flag has its own unique movements. Learn how it reacts to your movements. Watch what it does as you wave, twirl, spin, thrust, chop, etc. As you get more accustomed to your movements, you will forget about technique and focus more and more on the Lord Jesus. The goal is to minister to our Lord and Savior with ALL our heart, soul, mind and strength and to encourage the saints.

Now go and minister!

After you have prepared yourself and after much prayer, it is time to minister. Before using your praise instruments in church or a public setting, always check with the pastor or worship leader. Ask if, and where you are welcome to use the instrument of praise (usually in the back or along the sides if you are). Submit to the wishes of the leadership with the right heart and attitude. The leaders are your authority for that meeting. Remember HUMILITY and SUBMISSION are KEYS. If you attend a large conference or workshop where a banner ministry has been invited to minister with their banners and flags submit to the leadership of the team leader and ask where you are allowed to minister. If there is a banner ministry team, you may not be permitted to minister up front. If there is space, you may be released to worship with your instruments in the back. It would be inappropriate to ask to use any of their flags if they will be flowing in the prophetic spontaneously. You should always be respectful of others, and not “use” anything unless asking permission. A team can have a different effect than an individual worshiper especially at a large gathering where an individual worshiper would not be seen. Remember it is not about you, but all about Him and what He wants to bring forth for Kingdom purposes. Pray to see what your part will be at the corporate assembly.

I hope these tips helped you. Please feel free to leave a comment or to ask a question. Also please see our other teachings about flags and banners.

God bless you!

Sonia Kong, PDCM

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